Former Members of the Institute with career in academia

Hyun-Myung Chung

Years active: 2018-2019
Former status: Post-Doc
Now: KIAS, Seoul, Korea

Patrick Pietzonka

Years active: 2012-2018
Former status: Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Ph. D. Student
Now: MPI-PKS Dresden, Germany

Sebastian Goldt

Years active: 2014-2017
Former status: Ph. D. Student
Now: SISSA, Trieste, Italy

Kay Brandner

Years active: 2010-2015
Former status: Diploma, Ph. D. Student
Now: University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Andre C. Barato

Years active: 2012-2015
Former status: Postdoc
Now: University of Houston, U.S.

Benedikt Sabass

Years active: 2009-2012
Former status: Ph. D. Student
Now: LMU München, Germany

Punyabrata Pradhan

Years active: 2009-2011
Former status: Postdoc
Now: S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, India

Ana-Suncana Smith

Years active: 2002-2004
Former status: Ph. D. Student, co-supervised with E. Sackmann 

Years active: 2006-2009
Former status: Research Associate
Now: Universität Erlangen, Germany

Thomas Speck

Years active: 2004-2008
Former status: Diploma, Ph. D. Student, Postdoc
Now: Universität Stuttgart, Germany

Florian Berger

Years active: 2007-2008
Former status: Diploma Student
Now: Utrecht University, Netherlands

Zhanchun Tu

Years active: 2006-2007
Former status: Humboldt Fellow
Now: Beijing Normal University, China

Andreas Hanke

Years active: 2003
Former status: Postdoc
Now: University of Texas at Brownsville, USA

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